Verbal agreement is one of the pillars of the English language. It refers to the way in which a verb matches the number and person of the subject. This agreement must be maintained, especially when it comes to using proper nouns in sentences. A proper noun is a name given to a specific person, place or thing.

When using a proper noun as a subject, it is important to use a verb that agrees with the noun`s number and person. For instance, if the proper noun is singular, the verb used in the sentence should also be singular, and vice versa. Failure to maintain this agreement can result in grammatical errors, which can detrimentally affect the meaning of the sentence.

For example, consider the sentence: “The team have won the tournament”. While the sentence may seem correct at first glance, `team` is a singular noun, and as such, requires the verb `has` instead of `have`. Therefore, the correct sentence would be “The team has won the tournament”.

Similarly, with proper nouns that are plural, it is imperative that a plural verb is used. For instance, the sentence “The Johnsons is coming to dinner tonight” would be incorrect. Instead, the sentence should read “The Johnsons are coming to dinner tonight.”

Proper nouns can also be used as part of a compound subject, in which case, the rule of verb agreement still applies. In such instances, it is important to identify the subject of the sentence correctly. For example, take the sentence “Tom and Jerry are going to the movies.” In this instance, `Tom and Jerry` make up a compound subject, and as each component is a singular proper noun, the verb used should be plural.

In conclusion, verbal agreement helps to maintain proper grammar, and it is an essential aspect of the English language. When using proper nouns in a sentence, matching the verb with the noun`s number and person is necessary. By doing so, you maintain the intended meaning of the sentence, and it is easier for readers to understand the text. Therefore, it is essential to always keep an eye on the verb/noun agreement when editing any written content.

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