As the world shifts towards a more flexible workforce, the number of independent contractors or “gig workers” increases. Independent contractors are people who work for themselves and not for a company as an employee. This allows them to create their own schedules, choose their clients, and determine their own rates. However, there are several risks associated with being an independent contractor, especially related to injury and illness. That`s where independent contractor workers comp comes in.

What is Independent Contractor Workers Comp?

Independent contractor workers comp is a type of insurance that provides coverage for independent contractors who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses. This policy is designed to protect independent contractors from the financial burden of medical bills and lost wages due to workplace accidents.

Why Do Independent Contractors Need Workers Comp?

Even though independent contractors work for themselves, they are still at risk of accidents and injuries on the job. Work-related injuries and illnesses can be costly, and not having workers comp can expose independent contractors to financial ruin. With independent contractor workers comp, the policyholder is covered for medical expenses, lost income, and other expenses related to the injury or illness.

What Does Independent Contractor Workers Comp Cover?

Independent contractor workers comp covers a wide range of injuries and illnesses that happen on the job. The covered incidents may include:

– Injuries due to falls or slips

– Repetitive motion injuries

– Illnesses due to exposure to hazardous materials

– Injuries from accidents while driving for work

– Injuries caused by defective equipment or tools

– Stress and mental health issues caused by work

How to Get Independent Contractor Workers Comp?

Independent contractor workers comp is not mandatory in all states, and the laws that govern worker`s compensation often differ from one state to another. Therefore, the requirements for obtaining independent contractor workers comp will depend on the state in which the contractor is operating.

The first step for contractors looking to obtain independent contractor workers` comp is to research the requirements in their state. Contractors can do this by contacting their state`s department of labor or by consulting with an insurance professional experienced in workers` compensation.


Independent contractor workers comp is an important type of insurance for independent contractors. It provides protection for those who work for themselves to ensure that they are not financially ruined by work-related injuries and illnesses. Independent contractor workers comp policies vary from state to state, but it is essential for independent contractors to research their state`s requirements and obtain coverage to protect themselves.

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